Customs declarations service

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Characteristics of customs declarations service :

Characteristics of customs declarations service is suppport customers process clearance procedures of export – import goods go through the border checkpoints, including:

  •  Set of customs procedures declarations;
  •  Calculation and tax or import-export fees prescribed by the State;
  • Support effective communication export – import company and of organization of the government

So then, our company’s staffs have to have knowledge about tariff rate and the export – import regulations prescribed by the State

In many case, our company’s staffs will also be consultants, we advices clients about the regulations, example: attached label, origin of goods or important documents for textile goods needs export-import quota (quota/visa)… Understanding import and export regulations required for each type of goods will help the process of export and import procedures less costly as well as to avoid the risk of seizure.

Currently, the staff of NhatThinh have level from college or more and have the customs clearance certificate issued by General Administration of Customs.

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